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【怕被】' What I chiefly hope, my dear Mr. Copperfield,' said Mrs. Micawber, 'is, that in some branches of our family we may live again in the old country. Do not frown, Micawber! I do not now refer to my own family, but to our children's children. However vigorous the sapling,' said Mrs. Micawber, shaking her head, 'I cannot forget the parent-tree; and when our race attains to eminence and fortune, I own I should wish that fortune to flow into the coffers of Britannia.'【很容】As the little man put his now empty glass to his lips, when he made this reflection, I proposed to him to have it refilled, and I would keep him company with another. 'Well, sir,' he returned, in his slow way, 'it's more than I am accustomed to; but I can't deny myself the pleasure of your conversation. It seems but yesterday that I had the honour of attending you in the measles. You came through them charmingly, sir!'【最强】She trembled, and her lip shook, and her face was paler, as she answered:

【此死】【涵着】【是神】【了六】【暗自】'My dear,' returned Tom, in a delighted state, 'why not? What do you say to that writing, Copperfield?'【防御】'I think I don't want to know,' said Dora.【桥心】I asked him whether he had reason, so far, to be satisfied with his friend Heep's treatment of him? He got up to ascertain if the door were close shut, before he replied, in a lower voice:

【规模】【高说】【有仙】【战功】【足有】My aunt and I both acquiesced.【已经】【时此】【显得】【皇帝】【际一】'Excuse me, dear Mr. Copperfield,' said the poor lady, giving me her hand, 'but I am not strong; and the removal of the late misunderstanding between Mr. Micawber and myself was at first too much for me.'【天而】【时好】【众人】【只需】【好不】Mr. Micawber's enjoyment of his epistolary powers, in describing this unfortunate state of things, really seemed to outweigh any pain or anxiety that the reality could have caused him. He read on:

【这头】【尾小】【击成】【现在】【剑挥】I never saw a man so hot in my life. I tried to calm him, that we might come to something rational; but he got hotter and hotter, and wouldn't hear a word.【竟然】【一剑】【危险】【的详】【来了】At first Miss Mills thought it was a quarrel, and that we were verging on the Desert of Sahara; but she soon found out how matters stood, for my dear affectionate little Dora, embracing her, began exclaiming that I was 'a poor labourer'; and then cried for me, and embraced me, and asked me would I let her give me all her money to keep, and then fell on Miss Mills's neck, sobbing as if her tender heart were broken.【林中】【就陨】【的底】【这也】【力的】'My love,' said I, 'it is very painful to me to think that our want of system and management, involves not only ourselves (which we have got used to), but other people.'【直接】【塔的】【不知】【中这】【交错】He looked upon her, while she made this supplication, in a wild distracted manner; and, when she was silent, gently raised her.【信息】【握起】【被搅】【可能】【躯壳】'Even the old flowers are here,' said I, looking round; 'or the old kinds.'【的防】【文阅】【后发】【用一】【除匿】'Nothing!' cried I. 'I am deeply sensible of it.'

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