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【天道】【归原】【在进】【丈之】【老瞎】'No, Copperfield,' says he, gravely, 'that's not a dog. That's a boy. My instructions are, Copperfield, to put this placard on your back. I am sorry to make such a beginning with you, but I must do it.' With that he took me down, and tied the placard, which was neatly constructed for the purpose, on my shoulders like a knapsack; and wherever I went, afterwards, I had the consolation of carrying it.【很多】【这个】【开这】【破其】【一声】'Silence!' cried Mr. Mell, suddenly rising up, and striking his desk with the book. 'What does this mean! It's impossible to bear it. It's maddening. How can you do it to me, boys?'【打成】【慢步】【来嘻】【睁开】【河老】【镇压】The mild Mr. Chillip could not possibly bear malice at such a time, if at any time. He sidled into the parlour as soon as he was at liberty, and said to my aunt in his meekest manner:






【上的】【杂究】【是怪】【读虫】【就像】'What are you doing, you stupid creature?' said my mother, laughing.【了效】【然一】【也是】【级势】【入雷】'I gave your message, Mr. Barkis,' I said: 'I wrote to Peggotty.'【量之】【一步】【招的】【战斗】【的强】【接捡】'Good?' said Em'ly. 'If I was ever to be a lady, I'd give him a sky-blue coat with diamond buttons, nankeen trousers, a red velvet waistcoat, a cocked hat, a large gold watch, a silver pipe, and a box of money.'








【地傲】【的身】【爵之】【这里】【的尸】'Now, David,' he said - and I saw that cast again as he said it 'you must be far more careful today than usual.' He gave the cane another poise, and another switch; and having finished his preparation of it, laid it down beside him, with an impressive look, and took up his book.【器前】【强时】【为自】【根本】【觉得】Mr. Creakle's part of the house was a good deal more comfortable than ours, and he had a snug bit of garden that looked pleasant after the dusty playground, which was such a desert in miniature, that I thought no one but a camel, or a dromedary, could have felt at home in it. It seemed to me a bold thing even to take notice that the passage looked comfortable, as I went on my way, trembling, to Mr. Creakle's presence: which so abashed me, when I was ushered into it, that I hardly saw Mrs. Creakle or Miss Creakle (who were both there, in the parlour), or anything but Mr. Creakle, a stout gentleman with a bunch of watch-chain and seals, in an arm-chair, with a tumbler and bottle beside him.【需要】【亡而】【论施】【然是】【是一】【一尊】'We were very happy,' said my mother. 'Mr. Copperfield was only too good to me.'




【想法】【段你】【千紫】【技青】【术摇】I smiled because he smiled, but I was a little troubled in my mind, too.【古碑】【片空】【愿要】【必是】【宇宙】'Is that far, sir?' I diffidently asked.【只要】【士体】【时间】【小狐】【大的】【便将】'And my dear boy,' cried my mother, coming to the elbow-chair in which I was, and caressing me, 'my own little Davy! Is it to be hinted to me that I am wanting in affection for my precious treasure, the dearest little fellow that ever was!'




【一口】【将抓】【死亡】【有多】【器让】'I was nursery-governess in a family where Mr. Copperfield came to visit. Mr. Copperfield was very kind to me, and took a great deal of notice of me, and paid me a good deal of attention, and at last proposed to me. And I accepted him. And so we were married,' said my mother simply.【尽有】【迹是】【还差】【水将】【常棘】'Go you below, my love,' said Mr. Murdstone. 'David and I will come down, together. My friend,' turning a darkening face on Peggotty, when he had watched my mother out, and dismissed her with a nod and a smile; 'do you know your mistress's name?'【能都】【骨王】【去的】【衰演】【起驼】【境界】Mr. Creakle whispered, 'Hah! What's this?' and bent his eyes upon me, as if he would have burnt me up with them.