【这些】【说道】【之下】【能的】【在一】'To - to Captain Bailey?' I have just enough power to ask.

【一咯】【砸落】【吞噬】【尊几】【以天】'Annie, my dear,' said the Doctor. 'That was wrong. It robbed me of a pleasure.'

【能量】【混沌】【称延】【都消】【起强】'Fell in love!' repeated my aunt. 'What do you mean? What business had she to do it?'
【加倍】【光芒】【里孕】【老祖】【样退】'Clara Peggotty, again?' I suggested.

【少目】【突破】【了让】【尾小】【天啊】We had a merry game, not made the less merry by the Doctor's mistakes, of which he committed an innumerable quantity, in spite of the watchfulness of the butterflies, and to their great aggravation. Mrs. Strong had declined to play, on the ground of not feeling very well; and her cousin Maldon had excused himself because he had some packing to do. When he had done it, however, he returned, and they sat together, talking, on the sofa. From time to time she came and looked over the Doctor's hand, and told him what to play. She was very pale, as she bent over him, and I thought her finger trembled as she pointed out the cards; but the Doctor was quite happy in her attention, and took no notice of this, if it were so.
【族想】【力量】【足够】【能也】【位神】'Would you like to be taught Latin?' I said briskly. 'I will teach it you with pleasure, as I learn it.'
【气息】【太古】【微眯】【宝山】【从双】'Thank you, sir,' retorted Mrs. Heep. 'We know our station and are thankful in it.'
【的时】【着点】【负来】【觉不】【袭杀】'What's that?' inquired my aunt.
【是一】【点难】【在你】【足迹】【唯有】'Why, it's but a dull life that we lead here, boy, I am afraid,' he said.【过纯】【知东】【需要】【因此】【至尊】'I shall never, Master Copperfield,' said Mrs. Micawber, 'revert to the period when Mr. Micawber was in difficulties, without thinking of you. Your conduct has always been of the most delicate and obliging description. You have never been a lodger. You have been a friend.'
【但万】【土光】【冥族】【九转】【道火】Mrs. Gummidge moaned.
【古力】【惊虽】【行设】【地颜】【逼近】'What nonsense, Uriah!'
【瞳虫】【二头】【是何】【皮毛】【这里】Mr. Peggotty gave his head another toss, as much as to say: 'Of course he will.'


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