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硿ǧһ'The counting-house, sir?' I repeated. 'Of Murdstone and Grinby, in the wine trade,' he replied.
ٺڡѪսҡǡһMr. Barkis and Peggotty were a good while in the church, but came out at last, and then we drove away into the country. As we were going along, Mr. Barkis turned to me, and said, with a wink, - by the by, I should hardly have thought, before, that he could wink:ܡ

ǡ꡿һ㡿ʡ'No,' said Mr. Wickfield. 'No. Not yet.'᡿

ġûǡǡ'That's the name!' cried Mr. Peggotty, turning to Ham. 'I knowed it was something in our way.'߹ǡ
ǡڡ󡿡󡿡á'Pleasantly, I hope, aunt?' said I.ѡ

ѪĻϢMr. Quinion then formally engaged me to be as useful as I could in the warehouse of Murdstone and Grinby, at a salary, I think, of six shillings a week. I am not clear whether it was six or seven. I am inclined to believe, from my uncertainty on this head, that it was six at first and seven afterwards. He paid me a week down (from his own pocket, I believe), and I gave Mealy sixpence out of it to get my trunk carried to Windsor Terrace that night: it being too heavy for my strength, small as it was. I paid sixpence more for my dinner, which was a meat pie and a turn at a neighbouring pump; and passed the hour which was allowed for that meal, in walking about the streets.Ϲ
ڡ򡿡ⲻI had observed it, and had often wondered whether she had too. I must have shown as much, now, in my face; for her eyes were in a moment cast down, and I saw tears in them.ڡ
ܡ᡿˳ίСҡ'I made it. We'll go and fly it, you and I,' said Mr. Dick. 'Do you see this?'

⡿áС۾'It must be a mixed motive, I think,' said Mr. Wickfield, shaking his head and smiling incredulously.á

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